TERA-D (Parabolic Type)

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TERA-D (Parabolic Type)

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TERA-D (Parabolic Type)

The huge 16 -sided Tera Box gives broad wrap-around light making it suitable for commercial advertising,weddings,fashion and portraiture where a circular catch-light in the eye is desired.The front diffuser is made from one full sheet of fabric without needlework and the inner diffuser evens out the light from corner to corner.For a higher contrast, inner diffuser can be removed.The inner surface of the softbox is embossed with silver for maximum and even reflection and the interchangeable black cover can be removed fir greater ventilation.Tera-D is a deeper Tera Box.It has much larger space for reflection and diffusion.A special extra strength mechanical locking system supports this huge TERA Box.


TERA-D (Parabolic Type)

TERA-D (16 sided in Parabolic shape)


♦ Unique Light Quality

16 sided in parabolic shape, TERA and TERA-D softboxes deliver unique light quality that the broad wrap-around light is a simply perfect solution for commercial advertising weddings, fashion and portrait.


♦ Versatile Use

Front diffuser is made of one full sheet of fabric without needle work and inner diffuser is double layered with one circular deflector designed to eliminate hot spot. Without the diffusers TERA-D turns to beautiful parabolic reflector for high contrast and with diffusers on TERA-D evens out the light corner to corner creating soft and wrapped around light with low contrast.

Silver embossed linings that are highly reflective and heat resistant and create pleasing light sources.

Double layered inner diffusion panel is positioned in the middle to eliminate hot spot. Use snap fastener to attach or detach the panel.

Another choice for user is interchangeable rear cover which can be removed for greater ventilation when used with hot light. it also makes assembly and disassembly easy.

Sock style front diffusion panel is integrated to large models such as TERA 75, TERA 100, and TERA-D 76 for quick set up and tear down

Front diffusion panel for TERA-D 35, TERA-D 47 and TEDA-D 59 are recessed type utilizing Velcro


♦ Durability

Rods are made of duralumin and each one end is covered with metal cap for extra protection. Excellent sewing by skillful workers with over ten years of experience secures top qulity needle work. Upgraded speedring SRTB is with additional locking system and metal tilling bracket sustain the weight of TERA-D firm and long. Heat resistant heavy-duty metal rods maintain proper shape of softbox and front panel.


♦ Optional Mounting System for TEAR Softbox


1. SRTS – Direct Lighting System for Small and Medium Size TERA Softbox

SRTS is a compact speed ring; recommended to use with TERAD 35, TERAD 47, and TERAD 59.


2. SRTB – Direct Lighting System for Large Size TERA Softbox

SRTB is completed with tilting stand bracket; recommended for use with TERAD 76, TERA 75, and 100.



Exposure Data Table – Fusion 600Ws/Max Power/Modeling Lamp 300W Full

3. Bounce N Focus – Indirect Lighting System 

By changing position of light from direct to indirect and focus of light through center pole, Bounce & Focus brings more versatility to your lighting system.

Indirect fitting of light head creates beautifully bounced light. With center focus pole pushed in or pulled out, you can enjoy a different level of light intensity as well as light spread.

Compatible with medium and large size Aurora softboxes and it is highly recommended for use with parabolic TERAD softbox of which focusing range is wider.


♦ Focus in or out for your need

Harsh contrast spot light to evenly diffused flux light, Bounce and Focus offer you a great versatility. Simply pull out center pole to extend your light position or push it in for focused position. Moreover, scale mark can be helpful to set focusing postion easier. Focusing is simple and easy to complete.


1. Focused position

Focused in position creates reflection concentrated in the center of softbox. Contrast becomes high as well as light intensity so it is a choice for dramatic look. Moreover, 1.5 stops increase than foward position.

Focused Position – S125 / F7.1



2. Mid position

In the mid position, light reflection fills in most part of softbox so creates the softest light of all. Enjoy sparkling reflection with not strong shadow.

Mid Position – S125 / F4


TERA-D (Parabolic Type)

Diameter Depth Weight
Tera-D 35 90cm (35″) 65cm (26″) 2.4Kg
Tera-D 47 120cm(47″) 71cm(28″) 2.8Kg
Tera-D 59 150cm(59″) 104cm(41″) 3.0Kg
Tera-D 76 198cm(78″) 120cm(47″) 4.0Kg


Bounce N Focus medium Bounce N Focus Large
Center Pole Length 98cm 120cm
Center Pole Weight 0.8Kg 1.0Kg
Pole Diameter 3cm
Adaptor Weight 0.4kg
Bracket Weight 1.2kg
Maximum loading Recommend to use less than 3.4kg or 400W mono light

TERA-D (Parabolic Type)

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